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Pink Telephone: "B​-​Sides" from 2012​-​2014

by Outer Spaces

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I will never tell you, The only time we talk is in my mind. I will never, ever tell you, The only time we talk is in my mind. I write letters in my bedroom, Read the words, and then erase them, But they're burned here on the inside, on the inside of my mind. After I die, you'll get a call From the other side you will have my reply Coming through on a pink telephone Pink Telephone... Feel it in the air now. On the wind, in the outer spaces. It is written on your palm, And in the dot of your eye. I will never tell you. The only time we talk is in my mind. I will never ever tell you, Exactly what I'd like to say After I die, you'll get a call, From the other side you will have my reply, Coming through on a pink telephone. Pink telephone... In the tears you cry, You'll see what's been on my mind, See it now In the tears you cry (Pink telephone) You'll see what's been on my mind (On a pink telephone)
The reasons for the way things are, Get clearer everyday, as we go to far. An underlying, systematic sense of flaw. The earth shifts, The limbs they tremble, With a newness now unnamed. We sure ain't sure, Where we're headed, But we're going just the same. Birds ain't listening anymore, To the tune your singing. If it's too much to endure, Leave it alone. The trembling of the limbs, Do you feel the earth as it's spinning? The sewage pipes they sing, A song that's never ending. I'll tell it to you slowly, But the days go by too quick, Like the rising of the water, Above a sinking ship.
Old Fear 04:03
Find a place to rest your head. I do not know, I do not know it's name, But it won't be there for very long. Mind your step, do not falter. I cannot see it, I cannot see the way, but I'll try to blaze a trail. Wear the winter 'round your neck. Another year. Another come and gone, Do you feel relief or regret? It's an old fear, Like an old friend I do not understand. It's an old fear, And it's always nearing you, So don't let him in. Curse the weak one anyhow, You do not feel, You do not feel akin to the lost, So you will be found.


Previously-unreleased songs recorded from 2012-2014.


released May 7, 2021

All songs written and performed by Cara Beth Satalino.

Recorded by Chester Gwazda.
Bass guitar by Chester Gwazda.
Drums by Rob Dowler.

Album artwork by Bo Orr.


all rights reserved


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