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"Garbage Beach"

by Outer Spaces

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You left the party, now you're walking home in the dark. A shadow with your name. A shadow with your face on it. The train will pass through the night, it's always the same. It's pulling you awake. It's making you feel holy again. Is it you or the walls you're talking to? They look at you the same, every hour, every day anyway. Before you leave them, you're breathing with every step. You run to catch your breath, You run around in circles, I guess. The lines blur when you disappear from view. You are alone again. You left the party, now you're walking home in the dark. A shadow with your name. A shadow with your face on it.
True Blue 03:29
I am the lioness I hold the babes to my chest I will build my nest and care for two. Don't you think about it now, I'm gonna raise them proud, and I will teach them how to be True Blue. Oh, when the winds they change and carry clouds that bring the rain, Does it make you feel the same as you used to? Oh, and the cubs they howl, when they open up their mouths, and the sound that's coming out, is True Blue. Time will change. Do you think it's changed you now? Does it make you feel rich to be pure? I've been looking, and there's something I've found, I know I'm sure. When you think about it now, True blue, the truest blue. I know the truth, true blue, it was the truest blue.
Don't you ever dare try and double cross him again, Don't you know your place? With your back to the fence, oh no. He's a wolf in servants clothes. Ain't nobody ever told you that the worth of a man, Is determined by the weapon he holds in his hand, oh no. Well, that's just the way it goes. Civilization's dying. We keep being reminded, The rich get fat and scratch each other's backs in the setting sun. Civilization's dying. Throw a party to commemorize it. They'll steal the lsat red cent from your bloody hands, When the dealing is done. We'll be buried in debt, even after we're dead. They'll take the shirt off your back, and the sheets from your bed. Our tomb stones all will read, "Been repossessed" From the shirt off your back to the sheets on your bed.
I woke up today, walked around, It's morning in my town, To the CVS drugstore, got the coffee, and I'm brewing it right now, It's not my brand, but it's percolating, making that nice sound, the sun is up now, another day spent living in the south. Everybody hurts, take the lines you know and, flip them in reverse, night swimming's fun, in a crowded pool when everyone is drunk, jump off the rope with me, into the water, down at garbage beach, lay in the sand, with the broken bottles and the soda cans. I want you to know, and i hope you understand. the train's passing through, but he'll be back again when the winter wind's like a biting mouth a breeze is blowing beautifully down south. I want you to know and understand the coffee's cold in the coffee can and the place where I was born and raised calls to me lately through the summer haze.
Rust 04:12
I'm walking away from it now. I'm not talking, I wouldn't make a sound. The rail cars all seem to say, that to rest here is to rust that way. The simple life, is it what you crave? You're of simple mind, you earn a simple wage. Tip a bottle, suck on a flame, If you want to, before the daylight fades away. "Everything dies...", that's a fact I heard, While riding in your car, I was a passenger, It was morning, we woke up with the birds, And the dawning of something.
Gun Song 03:42
When I was young, I found a gun, Aimed straight for the setting sun, Now I know the damage done. When I was young, I was depressed, The world seemed lonely, as was I Aimed that gun straight for the sky Everybody says "Oh, to be young" They wanna write their names on the sun. Everybody says it, but they're wrong. When I was young, I rode my bike, Past the old barn every night, Until Mother lit the front porch light. Everybody says "Oh, to be young" They wanna write their names on the sun. Everybody says it, but they're wrong. When I was young I took my gun, I found a hole for it to lie, And I buried it beneath that sky.


"Garbage Beach" was recorded from December 2012 to August 2014. Both at home in Athens, GA and Baltimore, MD and in the Gwazda Barn in Pennington, NJ.

Ben Salie from Athens, GA contributed drums on this record. Check out his band The Pinecones:


Baltimore artist Ginevra Shay was kind enough to let us use her amazing artwork for this record. See more of her work here:


You can pre-order the record from Salinas here:


And you can get it on cassette tape from Stupid Bag Records.


Thank you for listening to Outer Spaces.


released October 14, 2014

Cara Beth Satalino: vocals, guitar
Chester Gwazda: bass, keys
Ben Salie: drums

Written by Cara Beth Satalino
Recorded by Chester Gwazda
Mastered by Joel Hatstat
Cover artwork by Ginevra Shay

Thanks: Marco at Salinas, Rob Dowler, Annex 3E, the Gwazdas, Joel, Gerard Cosloy, Boltman, Jimmy at Friends, Rich at Bakery Outlet, Ingo at TCWTGA, family and friends.

Salinas Records
P.O. Box 32257
Detroit, MI 48232


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